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  • Vitamin K3 Leather auxiliaries Chromium salts Cement additives

    As a main form of Vitamin K, it can effectively change into K2 in the animal body, and plays a role

    We now produce three series of leather chemicals: tanning agent series, fatliquor series and auxi

    Chromium salts mainly includes sodium dichromate, potassium dichromate, chromic anhydride and Chrom

    HP-300 Concrete pumping agent is a Naphthalene-grouping & high efficient water reducing agent,

    Product name Introduction
    Industrial potassium dichromate Industrial potassium dichromate Molecular formula:K2Cr2O7 Molecular weight:294.18 1. Properties:orange red triclinic tabular crystal. ....
    Industrial acid anhydride (chromic anhydride or chromic acid) Yunnan Luliang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd Molecular formula:CrO3 Molecular weight:99.99 1. Properties:Violet red rhombic crystal, Indust...
    Workers sodium dichromate (sodium dichromate) Yunnan Luliang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd Molecular formula:Na2Cr2O7•2H2O Molecular weight:298.00 1. Properties:bright orange red...
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